MSI, Spo-comm and Rosch Computer Join Forces in German IPC Market
Type: MSI News Latest Update: Thu, 09 Sep 2010
【Taipei, Taiwan】Micro-Star International (MSI), the top 3 motherboard maker with 20-year experience, announced a partnership to join forces with Spo-comm and Rosch Computer in the rapidly growing industrial platform computing (IPC) market in Germany.

MSI IPC had focused on the digital signage and automation fields in Germany in resent years. With the solid R&D and reliable manufacturing ability and customized design services, MSI IPC has been devoted to deliver high-performance industrial products and industrial-grade services to German clients. MSI IPC sales group has gradually grown up in German market and takes pride in these two specialized sectors. Currently, MSI IPC has expanded a completed network of distributors in Germany to provide boundless integrated service solution and serve a variety of specialized customers.

The MSI IPC sales group reaches German customers through two professional distributors, Spo-comm and Rosch Computer. Spo-comm provides mini-pc solutions for industrial market in Germany and Europe. Rosch Computer distributes industrial motherboards, embedded PCs, IPC chassis, panel PCs and IPC cooling solutions. In close cooperation with theses two professional German distributors, spo-comm is able to offer nearly every system needed for the different vertical markets like digital signage, KIOSK, POS and industrial control, and Rosch Computer provides the complete MSI embedded boards.

The sound distribution networking offers German customers assistance through easily contacted way and global technical support, all of whom offer immediate, comprehensive and customized technical assistance. With comprehensive product ranges and extensive localized distributor network, MSI IPC provides clients with efficient and trusted design manufacturing service solution and progressively becomes the best trustworthy partner to empower numerous innovations in the worldwide IPC field.

About Micro-Star International Corporation Ltd.
Founded in August 1986, MSI has over-20-year experience in motherboard manufacturing and has now evolved and grown to become the world’s top 3 largest motherboard manufacturers. Consumers and enterprises have now recognized MSI for its internationally high quality and stable products. In 2006, MSI penetrated the industrial platform computing (IPC) market with successful and professional experience in motherboard field, and started providing reliable and customized industrial products with expansion capability. MSI IPC manufactures high quality industrial products in various industrial applications, such as digital signage, automation, medical electronic, ATM, point-on-sale, kiosk, industrial control, gaming and home entertainment.
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About Spo-comm GmbH
spo-comm provides mini-pc solutions for industry and retail market in Germany and Europe. Besides hardware, spo-comm also offers software solutions, services and supply chain management for mini-pc projects. Founded in 2002, spo-comm has a large network of partners worldwide. Beginning of 2010 spo-comm launches an new affiliate program with a large range of services, such as a sample testing, support in sales and marketing activities, software development, financial advice and logistics services.

As MSI official industrial distributor, Nuremberg-based spo-comm will deliver MSI industrial products like the MSI WindBOX for the industrial sectors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

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About Rosch Computer GmbH
Rosch Computer GmbH is a specialized industrial computer distribution company with more than 16 years experience in distributing computer parts such as industrial motherboards, embedded PCs, IPC chassis, panel PCs and IPC cooling solutions.

Our focus is on our sales channels as well as on our commitment to service our customers, offering up to 5 years warranty, full support for customized small batch series and large ODM productions. We offer you products at the most competitive prices available in the market coupled with excellent customer service. Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers look forward to attend to your request.

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