MSI launched MS-98C8 that excels in display-intensive applications
Type: Product News Latest Update: Tue, 21 May 2013

MSI is pleased to release a new Mini-ITX embedded board, MS-98C8, to enhance its complete array of Mini-ITX solution. The MS-98C8 delivers an excellent combination of processing power, adequate memory capacity, and great capability in graphics that well-satisfy industrial applications with display-intensive requirements, such as digital signage, Kiosk, gaming, and healthcare. The 3 or 2 independent displays with output interfaces of 2 DP/LVDS/DVI-I are bonus points to this kind of applications that allow multiple displays to be connected via digital or analog inputs. Taking considerations the environment of industrial applications, the MS-98C8 offers a superior operating temperature range of 0 to 70oC and 12/19 VDC auto switch for industrial power input. System integraters can easily take advantages of the benefits that it brings to industrial applications with high-density graphic demands.

As a proof to its brilliant display performance, the MS-98C8 was tested to be capable of running multiple 1080p 3D graphics. And the 3rd-gen Intel® Core™ Mobile processor, HD graphic controller, and the memory capacity up to 16GB are just primary elements to accomplish it. With increasing applications of digital signage, Kiosk, or gaming fields that require networking ability, MS-98C8 provides dual Gigabit LAN and mSATA for 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth, leaving more possibilities for integrating a suitable means of communications. As a plus for display applications that need rich touch power, the MS-98C8 supports Windows 8 platform as well.

Graphics is the application type that MS-98C8 excels in but not limited to. The strong processing power also enables all sorts of control or communication tasks in industries, whether it’s in factory, transportation, utility, or process automation. You’ll also find the 10 USB ports and 4 powered COM ports allow the connection of various devices and peripherals, thereby fulfilling the diverse application requirements. More application possibilities with this compact, marvelous embedded board are at your exploration.

Key Features:
• 3rd-gen Intel® Core™ Mobile processor with high performance
• Support standard and low-voltage DDR3 SO-DIMM memory up to 16GB (for Ivy Bridge only)
• 3 independent displays (for Ivy Bridge only) with multiple video outputs: 2 x DP, DVI-I, and LVDS
• Great 3D graphic performance with multiple 1080p capability
• Support DirectX 11
• DC-in 12V/19V auto-switch
• Dual Gigabit LAN for high-bandwidth networking applications
• Dual Mini-PCIe for expansion, offering more application possibilities
• 10 USB ports ( 4 x USB 3.0; 6 x USB 2.0) for multiple USB connections
• 4 powered COM port
• Support SATA 3.0 and mSATA by miniPCIe slot