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MSI CeBIT 2007, the amazing digital world!
Type: MSI News Latest Update: Tue, 20 Mar 2007

Taipei, Taiwan-2007 CeBIT will start a 7 days exhibition from the 15th to the 21st of March. CeBIT is the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments.

In this year's Cebit, MSI has a 450 square meter booth at Hall 21- B34, the largest single booth in the hall. The booth is highlighted in white to match the company's 4 theme colors. Each color represents the design and technology of the product. Visitors are invited to visit MSI Booth to check on the newest product line and tour around the amazing world.


MSI, a leader of motherboard manufacturers, showcasees at CeBIT 2007 in Hannover Germany its latest additions to its motherboard product line which are based on the new-generation chipset. The new motherboards include the P35/G33 series based on Intel 3 series chipset and the newest graphics integrated K9 series, letting the IT consumers to experience the latest desktop technology. The HDMI subject is hot now, in fact it's on fire extend to the motherboard side, MSI will show you our world first HDMI series motherboards as media center for digital home in CeBIT2007.

Graphics Card

Besides of motherboards, MSI also is the Graphics card brand most people have in the 21 st century. In 2007 CeBIT, "High Definition and High Performance will be the theme and focus on" DirectX 10 Series, HD Video Solutions and MXM Series" these three areas with NVIDIA and AMD chipset series.

Server and IPC

Taiwan biggest and world's top five server manufacturer, MSI will launch a launches a new model of workstationboard, K9ND Speedster-A6 (MS-9652) at CeBIT 2007 . The performance is more impressive in multiprocessing environment. Therefore, the memory feature makes the K9ND Speedster the best choice among other solutions.

MSI has over 20 years of experiences manufacturing motherboards. The full line up of our industrial solution Series products have benefited from our experiences, and have seen their reliability significantly increased. These designs will fully span in CeBIT 2007 across 4 major solution categories: Transaction Terminals, Industrial PC,


MSI barebone continuously has awarded with Taiwan Excellence for 3 years and will newly provide " Media Live Digital Home Center " solution this year. You can use all the digital electronic gear you already have to access and share your collections on the sofa easily.


In 2007 CE S, Las Vegas , MSI presents MSI M677 Crystal Collection Notebook. Continuing the successful launch of M677 Crystal Collection, MSI has not ceased to amaze its consumers. Another slim choice, MSI S300 Crystal Collection will launch in CeBIT Hannover , Germany . MSI has once again created the world's best combination ever - the perfect symbiosis of the finest workmanship and modern technology.

Consumer Electronics

MSI took an integrated strategic management focusing on multi-dimensional strategy formulation and implementation. In 2007 CeBIT, MSI will unveil a myriad of innovative products designed to give users the next-generation computing and entertainment experience. It includes the amazing MSI D320 enabling users to receive DVB-T standard programs even at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, the MP3 non stop 50 hours, an MP3 player featuring integrated Bluetooth connectivity, multimedia GPS device, and the VDP Box that utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to enable users to watch remote video and enjoy the wireless freedom.