MSI new Intel® IPC platform, leading us into a new century
Type: MSI News Latest Update: Wed, 27 Feb 2008
MSI, one of the world's top three motherboard manufacturers, has already accumulated more than 20 years of solid experience in developing high performing, stable motherboards. MSI's range of products has garnered an impressive array of awards and recognition from worldwide media. These achievements reiterate MSI's commitment to delivering the highest quality products and solutions in the market today. In 2005, MSI started to offer customized industrial computers to the market. It provides industrial computing products focusing on "transaction terminal, "CNC equipment, "industrial" and "multimedia" solutions.

MSI is fast becoming one of the world's trusted providers of industrial computing solutions. The MSI IPC products come with competitive features such as the latest advances in technology and complete connecting ports. Designed for enterprise-class computing environments where efficiency and stability are essential, these MSI IPC products are ready for quick and easy implementation into production.

Home Server Motherboard – Fuzzy Q35DO
MSI's Fuzzy Q35DO is a welcome addition to its home server and multimedia products. Based on the latest Intel® Q35 chipset and ICH9DO, the Fuzzy Q35DO is a complete balance of performance and functionality. It supports desktop Intel® dual-core processor Core 2 Duo™ which provides greater computing power and price competitiveness. The Intel® GMA3100™ chipset has a built-in graphics core that provides power to 2D/3D performance and quality, and full support for DirectX® 9.0c. In addition to its flexible capacity upgrades and advanced functions, the Fuzzy Q35DO is easy to set up and maintain. It also comes with PCI-E x16 slots, SATA storage interface, D-Sub output, dual network and disk array and so on to provide the strongest support systems, industrial and digital applications.