Mon, 26 October 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its chain reaction inflicted severe loss to almost all industries of the world including transportation, tourism, food and beverages, manufacturing, etc. In the wake of sub-replacement fertility and the aging society, the outbreak of the epidemic revealed the severe imbalance between medical practitioners and patients and also highlighted the importance of public health and hygiene. It also stimulated a high demand for hardware and software of the medical system among the public. The issue of improvement or effective reduction of Cluster Infection in hospital has been percolating for years and remained crucial issue for the hospitals in handling public hygiene and health of people. The “AI-UVC Disinfection Robot” unveiled by MSI is an invention through innovation combination with the workstation of medical staff and could help to perform the duty of disinfection and cleaning at any moment. It is expected that this robot will emerge as a daily necessity for hospitals and clinics in performing the routine duty of disinfection.

Autonomous Mobility Robot

The MSI “AI-UVC Disinfection Robot” could run for several hours without stop after activation. Several sets of UVC 253.7 nm UV lights were built-in and could perform up to 160,000μWs/cm2 in capacity to achieve the task of lethal dose to kill germs through dynamic flow field for the required time and distance, or significantly weaken the resistance of germs to radiation so that this device can perform bacteriostatic functions in public places of high density or poor ventilation such as hospitals and clinics, etc. This device also helps to build up an effective protective shield. In addition, the AMR transport platform of MSI could be loaded with different functional modules at the discretion of the users for fitting into different kinds of environments and functional needs, and could be used for disinfection and guide at public places. Examples are: air quality monitoring at hospitals and clinics, voluntary removal of virus, sorting out patients with high temperature, simulcasting public health education, medical device, transport of patients and meals. This device could perform voluntary duty of fighting an epidemic so that epidemic prevention at hospitals and clinics could be perfect and proper.

According to Albert Huang, Assistant Vice President of MSI, "MSI has committed itself to the research and development of service type robot technology for a long time, and has been accredited by hotels and superstores last year. This device has also been accredited by Chinfu Hospital and Chheng Hok Senior Home this year, which helped to intensify the extended use of the medical robots in public places. It is obvious that the application of this devices to different domains of different industries suggested that the know-how for MSI in the development of AI robot has been well-developed. It also demonstrated the effort of MSI in fighting the epidemic worldwide."

MSI is engaged in a joint venture with the “Indoor Air Quality Diagnostic Laboratory” at the Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering of Ming Chi University of Technology and POWER JADE LINK ENERGY TECHNOLOGY INC. in launching the “Determination and Application of Purification Function for Artificial Intelligence Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot” project, with lab validation and field accreditation at Chheng Hok Senior Home and Chinfu Hospital at Sanxia. The robot is installed on the floor between the main hall and the hallway with the design of the motion line and motion speed of the UV disinfection robots and yielded positive result.


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