Revolutionizing Embedded Systems: MSI Unveils Next-Gen Products and AI Solutions at Embedded World 2024

Tue, 09 April 2024

Embedded World 2024

MSI, a global leader in AI technology and cutting-edge computing solutions, is set to make waves at Embedded World 2024 with the unveiling of its latest innovations. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of technology, MSI is poised to revolutionize the embedded systems industry with a stellar lineup of next-generation products and AI-driven solutions.

Embedded World serves as a pivotal platform for MSI to showcase its commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of embedded computing. With a focus on delivering unparalleled performance, reliability, and intelligence, MSI is primed to redefine industry standards and empower businesses to thrive in the digital era.

  • Exhibition Date: Apr 9th – Apr 11th , 2024
  • Opening Hours: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
  • Venue: Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Booth Hall 1-389

Key highlights of MSI's presence at Embedded World 2024 include the introduction of next-generation industrial PC, rugged tablets, AI-enabled edge devices, IoT solutions and smart EV chargers. These groundbreaking products exemplify MSI's unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Below is a list of products on display:

Embedded World 2024

MSI MS-C906 Intel® Raptor Lake-U Embedded Edge AI Computer

Showcasing real-time edge AI vision solution by using MS-C906 with Intel® OpenVINO™ AI development toolkit which can help you deploy solutions faster than ever, satisfying different applications that require high-performance and low-power

Embedded World 2024

MSI MS-C910 Intel® Raptor Lake-S/Raptor Lake-S refresh Processor Outperform Fanless Box PC

Showcasing smart 360° remote real-time patrolling solution by using MS-C910 with Intel® OpenVINO™ AI development toolkit and PCIe x16 slot which can help you deploy solutions faster than ever, satisfying different applications that require high-performance and low-power computing kernel, such as image processing technology. The AI Box PC is offering the flexibility for machine builder and system integrators to build systems which can be widely adopted in smart factory, smart city and AIoT gateway applications.

Embedded World 2024

ND82 Rugged Tablet

The latest addition to MSI's lineup, the ND82, boasts a high-performance design with a slim profile of only 17mm thickness. Equipped with the latest 13th gen Raptor Lake CPU and 800 nits sunlight-readable display, the ND82 delivers exceptional performance and longevity support, making it the best choice of high-performance rugged tablet for all industrial applications.

Embedded World 2024

AI Video Conference System for Mobility Office Solution

This all-in-one, plug-and-play video conferencing solution is designed to effortlessly transform any office space into a professional video conference room. Experience clear audio with active noise cancellation and automatic gain control. 4K images and auto framing build up smooth communication between remote and onsite meeting attendees. With the AI Video Conference System for Mobility Office Solution, companies can now enhance collaboration, and redefine the way teams communicate with simplicity and efficiency.

Embedded World 2024

Smart Retail Solution - Self-Ordering Kiosk

Elevate customers’ dining experience with a cutting-edge Self-Ordering Kiosk. Say goodbye to long queues and embrace convenience as customers can now effortlessly customize and place orders with a simple touch. With the ability to handle both ordering and payment, businesses can significantly reduce manpower costs. This not only enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction but also translates to substantial time and cost savings. Embrace the future of dining with our user-friendly, time-saving technology.

Embedded World 2024

MSI "Eco Series" and "EV Series" Smart AC Charger

MSI introduces two innovative EV charger series, "Eco Premium" and "EV AI," catering to diverse consumer and operator needs. "Eco Premium" chargers offer customizable design options and a robust power output of up to 22 kW, enhancing both visual appeal and charging efficiency. On the other hand, "EV AI" smart chargers feature AI license plate recognition and integrated payment capabilities, providing up to 14.4 kW / 60 A charging efficiency and support for various interfaces. Both series boast user-friendly interfaces, including mobile apps and cloud platforms, offering features like QR code payment and dynamic load balancing. Additionally, MSI provides Energy Management Systems and API integration services, enabling effective station monitoring and enhancing operational efficiency for operators.


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