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Wed, 02 June 2021

With over 35 years of dedicated experience in the ICT industry, MSI is a global leader in gaming, content creation, business & productivity, and AIoT solutions. Backed by our solid R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we provide clients with efficient DMS (Design, Manufacturing & Service) solutions for various AIoT applications, such as cloud servers, network appliances, vehicle infotainment, telematics systems, smart robotic appliances, digital signage, medical electronics, ATM, POS, Kiosk, industrial automation, gaming etc. Recognized by clients as a trustworthy partner of reliable solutions and services, we are poisedto help you unlock your business value from industrial data.

MSI’s flow of knowledge floods into Taiwan’s water management with astonishing results.

In 2018, the Taiwan authorities initiated a series of advanced projects of water resources management. The scope of the projects was to build a complete forecasting model of water all the way from dams to the detailed level of irrigation channels in fields. The data included evaporation, penetration, and usage for the entire crop plants. The project combined weather forecasting from satellite observation and real-time water level / flow volume measurement in open channels.

A special thanks for a great collaboration with FineTek and Santec
(A special thanks for a great collaboration with FineTek and Santec)

MSI WL-10a gateway joined this advanced project with peer-to-peer NB-IoT connection, all the field level sensors and flow volume data in fields. Those fusion signals transferred with heterogeneous network LORA and MODBUS interoperation was also integrated. The results are astonishing. The data for 12 months field test using only3W solar power, transferred 100% data uploaded to a water Authority cloud platform via the record re-entry technique.

As one of the foremost wireless communication companies in ASIA, MSI systems are perfect for this demanding project. The MSI WL-10a provides CAT-M1/NB-IoT band selection that is ideal for water resources management. It ensures the proper industrial protection standards and can provide a stand-alone operation utilizing solar powered or battery powered. The ARM Cortex A7 SoC, is an easy-to-use solution for customers to develop intelligent cutting- edge computing.

MSI WL series, your best choice in AIOT solution.

MSI FUNTORO Telematics Solution for Electric City Bus

Initiate New Era of Smart and Green Transportation
In response to the global trend of environmental protection and carbon reduction, governments of all countries have been making efforts on the development of electric bus industry, expecting to reach the goal of zero emission in the future. In view of this, MSI FUNTORO partners with the largest bus manufacturer in Taiwan - Master Bus, and launched its Telematics Solution to be standard equipment of Master Electric Bus in this early year.

Initiate New Era of Smart and Green Transportation
With more than 15 years of experience and expertise in telematics and infotainment solutions for commercial vehicle sector, MSI FUNTORO provides a smart and complete solution with a cloud management platform for Master Electric Bus.
By integration of CANBUS and various sensors, the vehicle and driving data are collected and transmitted to backend platform to allow real-time fleet management and remote monitoring. Besides, it enables predictive maintenance, on-board system diagnostics, driving behavior analysis and battery efficiency monitoring through big data analysis, to enhance fleet safety and operation efficiency.

Safer and Antibacterial Solution for Public Transportation

Offer Maximum Safety to Passengers While Traveling
In 2020, people changed the living habit to fight against the pandemic of COVID-19. Wearing face mask, taking body temperature, keeping social distancing or avoiding taking public transportation, which result in a new living style to everyone. And after one year, we are still suffering from the pandemic and unable to turn back to the usual life.

Offer Maximum Safety to Passengers While Traveling
In order to enhance passengers’ confidence and safety on traveling after the pandemic, MSI FUNTORO provides a safe and antibacterial solution for public transportation. The solution includes a temperature and mask detection system at the entrance of the bus, and UVC LED purifiers to sterilize the cabin environment.
While passengers are getting on the bus, the system will automatically detect the body temperature of the passenger and alarm when the temperature is too high or abnormal, as well as to detect whether the passenger is wearing a mask or not. This helps to prevent high-risk passengers from getting on the bus to stop the spread of bacteria and virus. Moreover, with MSI UVC LED purifier installed on the roof of bus, the air in the cabin will be filtered and sanitized continuously during bus operation, to provide clean and fresh air for the passengers. We believe it will help public transport operators recover the business faster by our solution after the pandemic.

MSI Industrial Computer Provides Reliable & Expandable Products with Longevity Support(5 to 7 Years)

MSI Industrial Computer Provides Reliable & Expandable Products with Longevity Support(5 to 7 Years)
We design & manufacture high-quality embedded boards and systems for various applications, such as digital signage, medical electronics, ATM, POS, Kiosk, industrial automation, gaming, utility, and transportation. With solid R&D and manufacturing capability, we serve the client with efficient DMS (Design, Manufacturing & Service) solution, and are poised to become the best partner in global Embedded and Industrial market.

MSI Launched the Proven AMR Medical AI-UVGI Robot to COVID-19

AMR AI UVGI ROBOT can act as air disinfectant even when people are present, automatically open the canister to use the light to disinfects the frequently touchable areas when people are not around. Delivery of medicine and transportation of daily amenities, etc. It could run for several hours without stop after activation, and go back to recharge by itself then continue working after fully charged. Several sets of UVGI 253.7 nm UVC lights were built-in and could perform up to 160,000μWs/cm2 in capacity to achieve the task of providing lethal dose enough to kill germs through dynamic flow field for the required time and distance, or significantly weaken the resistance of germs to radiation, so that this device can perform bacteriostatic functions in public places of high density or poor ventilation such as hospitals and clinics, etc.
With MSI AMR platform it can transform to meet your needs, such as AMR AI DELIVERY ROBOT, AMR AI BASE ROBOT, AMR AI GUIDE ROBOT and more.

MSI Launched the Proven AMR Medical AI-UVGI Robot to COVID-19


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