MSI IPC introduced MS-C903 Intel® Tiger Lake-UP3 Compact-Size AI Ready Box PC

Thu, 09 May 2024


MSI, a leading innovator in technology solutions, proudly unveils the MS-C903, a versatile embedded system designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries including transportation, gaming, medical, automation, and robotics.

Key Features of the MS-C903 Include:

Reliable Operation (Durability): Multiple facilities ensure the reliability and stability of the platform

Engineered to excel in challenging conditions, the MS-C903 ensures reliable operation in harsh environments with temperatures ranging from -20 to 70°C. Its wide voltage DC input (12~24V) with overcurrent protection (OCP) and overvoltage protection (OVP) guarantees stable power supply. Enhanced security features include hardware monitoring with a 256-level watchdog timer and an Infineon TPM Controller (SLB9670VQ2.0/FW7.85). Compliant with IEC 61373 standards, its anti-vibration and shockproof design ensures durability. With multiple mounting options including wall mount, DIN rail, and VESA mount, the MS-C903 offers flexible installation. Additionally, its excellent performance, driven by Intel® 11th Gen Tiger Lake-UP3 Embedded/Industrial SKU Series and ample I/O interfaces, makes it ideal for diverse applications.

Excellent Performance: Intel® X-86 based Platform

Supports multiple I/O interfaces, making it convenient for users to connect different devices. Suitable for various industry applications.

Delivering exceptional computing prowess, the MS-C903 is driven by the Intel® 11th Gen Tiger Lake-UP3 Embedded/Industrial SKU Series, ensuring top-notch performance. Its support for up to 64GB DDR4 3200 MHz SODIMM memory enhances multitasking capabilities, while graphics options ranging from Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics (for i5/i7 SKU) to Intel® UHD Graphics (for i3 SKU) cater to diverse needs. With abundant I/O interfaces including 2 RJ-45, audio, USB, serial, GPIO, CANbus, and dual display support, the MS-C903 provides seamless connectivity for a wide range of applications.

Significant Expansion: Provide M.2 as a smaller, faster, more flexible, and more reliable storage and connectivity solution

Boasting significant expansion capabilities, the MS-C903 offers M.2 as a compact, high-speed storage and connectivity solution, providing enhanced flexibility and performance. With 3 M.2 slots supporting various key types (M, B, E), the system facilitates multi-expansion for SSD storage and accommodates space-constrained designs, catering to diverse application requirements efficiently.

AI Ready

Showcasing smart 360° remote real-time patrolling solution by using MS-C903 with Intel® OpenVINO™ AI development toolkit which can help you deploy solutions faster than ever, satisfying different applications that require high-performance and low-power computing kernel, such as image processing technology. The AI Box PC is offering the flexibility for machine builder and system integrators to build systems which can be widely adopted in smart factory, smart city and AIoT gateway applications.

The MS-C903 is the ideal solution for applications such as transportation (compliant with IEC 61373), gaming, medical (featuring stable, fanless operation), automation, and robotics (supporting LAN and USB connectivity). With its robust design, excellent performance, and significant expansion capabilities, the MS-C903 sets a new standard in embedded systems technology.

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With over 30 years in motherboard design and manufacturing, MSI ranks among the world’s top 3, renowned for quality and stability. Since 2006, MSI expanded into Embedded and Industrial markets, offering reliable, expandable products with longevity support. Our high-quality embedded boards and systems cater to diverse applications including digital signage, medical electronics, ATM, POS, Kiosk, industrial automation, gaming, utility, and transportation. Backed by robust R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we deliver efficient DMS (Design & Manufacturing Services) solutions, poised to be the preferred partner in the Embedded and Industrial market worldwide.


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